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Bike Fit Service

Idmatch smartbike

idmatch Smart Bike is an automated simulator that allows you to reproduce any set up position required through the Analysis System.

What is idmatch?

Idmatch bike fitting system is a tool use to enhance cyclist riding experience by using analysis system software with dynamic 3d scanning allowing it to analyze cyclist while pedaling ,studying angles and movement of angular velocities without the need of markers. The analysis system then processes possible solutions by adjusting the smart bike in real time to give you the best possible fit.

Uses advanced tools and technologies to improve comfort. idmatch offers cutting-edge measuring systems - the result of scientific studies and researches - that provide users with precise and reliable tools

Id match equipment

idmatch footmeter

idmatch foot meter allows for quick and accurate foot measurements of length , width , metatarsal point and arch. Using laser beams and a milimetre scale , recording basic foot measurements with precision is achieved.

Idmatch tiltmeter

Tiltmeter is the only instrument that allows you to evaluate the attitude of the forefoot when it is under load. This specific analysis makes it possible to understand the behaviour of the foot when pushing on the pedal, noticing any possible pronation or supination.

Idmatch cleatfit

Cleat Fit is the first system that allows the measurements taken on the foot to be transferred directly to the sole of the shoe. Using laser beams and a goniometer disc the position of the pedal axis under the sole can be exactly aligned with the cleat, thus achieving maximum precision in final positioning.

Idmatch set up system

Set-Up System is an indispensable tool for measuring the bike setting without making mistakes and for reproducing the final measurements suggested after bike fitting. The laser indicator and receivers on the saddle and handlebar make it easy to calculate distances and angles.

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Bring socks, shoes,cleats,bib,top and a towel and we do the fit.

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