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Clever Chain Barrel AL with Valve Core Remover Handle

Clever Chain Barrel AL with Valve Core Remover Handle

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Due to high demand and the COVID-19 impacts, we are experiencing some shipping delays.

We do our best to deliver your goods ASAP.

The Clever Standard Chain Barrel is a patented chain tool is one of the easiest chain breakers on the market.   The Chain Barrel is so easy, that it basically allows the user to essentially "break" the chain with your eyes closed.  The Chain Barrel breaks a link on nearly any multi-speed chain, as well as a few basic single-speed chains.  (*Note, current version is not compatible with Shimano XTR 12 speed chains or Sram 12 speed Road Chains.  We're working on a new model that will be compatible.)

The design locks the chain into position inside the barrel, a safety cap threads into place to keep everything held tight.  Then you simply drive the pin through!  It’s probably the easiest to use chain breaker you’ve ever seen! 

Included with the Chain Barrel is an aluminum handle that will provide additional leverage. As an added bonus, the tip of the handle doubles as a valve core wrench!

Available in colors including, red, blue, green, pink, orange, purple, or the classic black.  The Chain Barrel is small, easily nestling in a corner of your saddle bag, jersey pocket or hydration pack. 

Weight: 46grams 
Size: 17mm diameter, 43mm length
Material: Aluminum body & cap with, steel pin
Handle Material: Aluminum

Required tool for usage: 5mm hex. 

*Note: Tool may not work on new 12-speed XTR chains & new SRAM 12spd chain (they have a different shape to the body)



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