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EFFETTO MARIPOSA Mangiacatena Chain Cleaner

EFFETTO MARIPOSA Mangiacatena Chain Cleaner

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If you want to clean the chain in a thorough way and reduce the amount of degreasing liquid used, Mangiacatena is the one for you. It’s the first chain cleaner equipped with lamellar elements at both ends, so that the chain can be cleaned by moving it in both directions, very useful also for e-bikes.


  • The best way to clean the chain with minimum consumption of degreasing liquid

  • Equipped with six rotating brushes and a sturdy handle

  • It can be used both on the lower and upper part of the chain, pedaling in both directions

  • The lamellar elements at both ends retain dirt and liquid inside Mangiacatena, while the six rotating brushes - continuously wet with degreaser - also act mechanically on the chain

  • Degreasing liquid or water can be added from above, without the need to open Mangiacatena

  • Made of shockproof and solvent resistant plastic. It can be refurbished with the appropriate replacement brush kit

  • It works with single-speed transmissions (maximum chain width: 9 mm) and 5 to 13 speed chains 

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