42 DEEP | 36 WIDE EXT | 25 WIDE INT | 1548G


With the 42 Limitless Gravel Disc, HUNT set out to develop the premier performance gravel wheelset, optimizing gravel-specific aerodynamics through patented Limitless technology, and balancing those against another critically important attribute for riders moving fast over inconsistent surfaces: crosswind stability (steering moment). The recent proliferation of gravel races across the globe means riders are now rethinking their equipment selections and employing aerodynamically designed skinsuits, helmets, frames and wheels.

With industry-leading engineering and design talent in-house, HUNT aims to set a new standard for gravel-specific wheel performance.



  • Wind tunnel proven to offer the lowest aerodynamic drag among tested gravel-specific wheelsets under 50mm depth, offering the rider up to .12 Watt savings over renowned competitors, and 16.8 Watt savings over non-aero gravel wheels.
  • Rims | Designed by HUNT Product Engineering Manager, Luisa Grappone (MSc Aerospace Engineering), HUNT Limitless Technology delivers industry-leading cross wind stability verified by smooth steering moment data proven in wind tunnel testing. 25mm internal and 36mm external widths, and a 42mm u-shape profile.
  • Bearings | Featuring CeramicSpeed's world-renowned low-friction Coated Bearings, designed for off road use. These coated bearings are a further 75% tougher than their standard hardened steel races, and boast an average lifetime 7.5 times longer than other non-coated solutions. EZO bearing option also available.
  • Tires | Designed around a 25mm internal rim width optimised aerodynamically for 38-42c gravel tires, these will work with any tire up to 54c. Feature a hooked tire retention design for safety, fully ETRTO-compliant and tubeless-ready. Work excellently with both clincher and tubeless-ready tires.
  • FastEngage 7.5 Hubs | SPRINT straight-pull centre-lock hubs, boasting an engagement rate of just 7.5° owing to the leaf-sprung, multi-point pawls and 48 ratchets in the hub shell.
  • Elliptical Wing Spokes | Pillar Wing spokes with aerofoil profile. Tested and proven to provide aerodynamic advantage over flat or bladed options both from Pillar and other competitors.
  • Axles | Easily adaptable & we fit them for you. Fit all current axle sizes and are easy to change; Front - QR, Bolt thru 12/9mm, Rear - QR, Bolt thru 12x142, 12x135, 10x135.
  • Included | Tubeless tape & valves, spare spokes, axle adapters (please fill in the simple form after checkout to select your required size).
  • Weight | 1548g
  • H_CARE lifetime crash replacement included for first owners

HUNT 42 Limitless Gravel Disc


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