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HUNT 50 Carbon Wide Aero Wheelset Rim Brake

HUNT 50 Carbon Wide Aero Wheelset Rim Brake

Tax Included

All rim brake wheelsets default axle sizing rear 135QR and front 100QR.


For all other sizes, please head down to show room.




50 DEEP | 27 WIDE | 1537G


These wheels are so aero, that we're free-wheeling in the pack whilst the others are pedalling. Going deep is obvious for aerodynamic performance. Add wide rims with a U-profile, and you get the addition of great handling and reduced drag across a wide range of yaw angles. Despite being a massive 27mm wide and 50mm deep, the rims are extremely light at only 498g each.

As used in UCI Continental level racing by the Canyon dhb p/b Soreen pro team.

We all want to go fast; that was the brief. The latest breed of tubeless tires give-up nothing in weight to their clincher counterparts and the Schwalbe Pro One, that you can have fitted by us prior to delivery, weighs only 250g for a 25mm tire (290 grams including 40 ml of sealant, while the Conti GP4sII folding tire with tubes weighs 320 grams). The tire rolling resistance of the Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless is reduced by 9.5% over their clincher version according to Schwalbe's own tests. Hence tubeless was essential.

The freehub body on the HUNT Sprint hubs used for the 50CWA is also upgraded with 48 teeth on the ratchet ring and multi-point pawls, providing super-fast 7.5 degree engagement for when the hammer goes down and you need to accelerate now! The strong individual leaf spring pawls are louder than circular spring set-ups but we think that is the right decision to make for this type of wheelset. Also, stiffness = Speed so we specced large 15mm diameter hub axles for sprinting and out-of-saddle climbing. Ease into them, your mates won’t know it’s the wheels!



*For other axle and freehub body configuration, Please head down to showroom directly.