Tubolito for the road: Ready for disc brakes and rim brakes, Tubo-Road easily fits 18 to 28mm width tires. Compared to standard rubber tubes you’ll save almost 70g of rotating weight per wheel. The puncture protection is equally outstanding: Tubo-Road is 2X more resistant to punctures than a standard tube


  • For rim- and disc brakes
  • For road tires from 18mm to 28mm
  • reduction of rotating mass:
    70 gramm per tyre
  • double strength compared to standard tubes
  • 80mm valve version made of 40mm plastic valve and 40mm removable extender






Valve (mm)

42, 60, 80



All widths, all terrains: Tubo-CX/Gravel All is made for tires from 30mm to 47mm width and thus covering all tires commonly used in Cyclocross and Gravel Bikes. Besides 700c tires it is also ready for 650B wheels. Ready for disc brakes as well as rim brakes and offering double the toughness compared with standard rubber tubes it is the perfect all-rounder. Available with 42mm (60 grams) and 60mm (61 grams) Presta valves.



Not only spare: developed to fit in any small pocket, 35 grams lightweight S-Tubo-CX/Gravel All due to its very small packed size is the ideal spare tube for all 700c and 650B tires from 30mm-47mm width. However, it is not only a savior in need but can be perfectly used on a daily basis as it still is as robust as standard rubber tubes. Also leftovers of tubeless liquids do not do any harm to it. Given its low rolling resistance it can also become the decisive advantage at competitions. Available with 42mm (35 grams) and 60mm (36 grams) Presta valves and suitable for disc brakes.






Valve (mm)

42, 60



  • Perfect CX/Gravel spare tube
  • Can also be used as daily driver
  • Lightest CX/Gravel tubes worldwide
  • Can be used in 700c and  650B tyres
  • Compatible with disk brakes
  • Same strength as a standard tube
  • Low rolling resistance
  • perfect spare tube for tubeless setups 



You are chasing records? Always looking to have the lightest bike? Try to minimize rolling resistance? Or are you a tubeless rider and want to have a light and small spare tube?

We do have something for you: our S-Tubo technology. S-Tubo products are characterized by the reduced wall thickness of the tubes. That is they are even smaller, lighter and do have a very low rolling resistance. S-Tubo-Road for instance is the lightest bicycle inner tube worldwide and does have a rolling resistance comparable to latex tubes.

To have the smallest packed size, S-Tubo-MTBs do have a removable valve what makes them the perfect spare tube. In short: S-Tubo is our performance line. Despite all these characteristics, S-Tubos do have the same puncture resistance as standard rubber tubes. Due to the reduced wall thickness they are a little more prone to be harmed by potential heat while long and hard brakes so they are only ready for use in bikes with disc brakes.

S-Tubo technolgy currently is available for Road bikes, MTBs and CX/Gravel bikes.

Tubolito Road tube


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